Juliane Hundertmark

Hundertmark was born in Mainz in 1971 and lives in Berlin, Germany.

She studied Design and Stage Design at Bayreuth and has a Masters in Fine Arts from the Academy of Fine Art of Nuremberg.
“The paintings I saw by Juliane Hundertmark were all rather mysterious and even disturbing in places, such as the collaged eyes in one and lips in another, yet also with beautifully painted sections such the detailed clothing of one figure and the mere black outline of another.

That enigmatic "otherness" and open-ended quality combined with different painting styles, some realism and some minimal painterly effects, is very exciting and makes the works fresh and innovative.

A unique style unlike any other painters working today”

Barbara Bloemink – Kuratorin, Guggenheim Museum.
Weitere Künstler

Last Resort
170x150cm Oil/Collage on canvas

170x150cm Oil/Collage on canvas

170x150cm Oil/Collage on canvas

Privat Protection
150x150cm Oil/Collage on canvas

150x170cm Oil/Collage on canvas

Last Show
160x170cm Oil/Collage on canvas

150x150cm Oil/Collage on canvas

Bavaria Fiction
150x165cm Oil/Collage on canvas

the touch
90x120cm Oil/Collage on canvas

My Mask
90x120cm Oil/Collage on canvas

170x150cm Oil/Collage on canvas

to disappear behind me
150x175cm Oil/Collage on canvas

Delicius Play
150x175cm Oil/Collage on canvas

close to me
150x175cm Oil/Collage on canvas

Let's clean the neighborhood
57x76cm Oil/Collage on paper

sweet life
57x76cm Oil/Collage on paper

trust me
57x76cm Oil/Collage on paper

let`s party
57x76cm Oil/Collage on paper

Selected Exhibitions

2017 Irrealisme. Galeria Contrast, Barcelona
2017 Volta Basel
2017 Scope Basel
2017 Art Karlsruhe
2017 The London Art Fair
2016 Context | Art Miami
2016 Art Fair, Cologne
2016 Breakfast. Knight Webb Gallery, London
2016 Code Art Fair, Copenhagen
2016 Scope Basel
2016 London Art Fair Islington, London
2015 Context | Art Miami
2015 Knight Webb Gallery, London
2014 Galerie Irrgang Berlin
2014 Knight Webb Gallery, London
2014 Aqua Art Miami
2014 BLOOOM Köln
2013 Aqua Art Miami
2013 BLOOOM Köln
2013 Affordable Art Fair; London
2013 Knight Webb Gallery, London
2012 BLOOOM Köln
2012 Affordable Art Fair, New York
2012 Kunst Kompakt 10, Gladbeck
2012 Woodward Gallery, New York
2011 Galerie Irrgang, Leipzig
2011 Woodward Gallery, New York
2011 Berliner Liste
2010 Berliner Liste
2010 Artfair Line Art Gent; galerie in-art  
2009 Berliner Liste
2009 C.A.R. contemporary art ruhr
2008 Galerie meisterschüler Berlin
2008 Foundation of Produzentengalerie Juliane Hundertmark in Berlin
2007 ART-Center, Berlin
2006 Städtische Galerie Braunschweig
2006 Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
2004 young art, Kunstpark, München
2005 Galerie im Pixeltower, Berlin
2004 Galerie ‘am Storchenturm’, Berlin
2002 Galerie acud, Berlin
2002 Kunstverein Hof
2001 Kunstverein Plauen
1998 Kunstverein Hof
1998 Kunstverein Bayreuth
1997 Hypogalerie, Munich
1995 "Mahnmal" Synagoge Kronach
1994 Symposium für Malerei Kronach Awards
2004 Preis des Kunstvereins Bayreuth für junge Kunst
2000 Preis der Messe für junge Kunst Leipzig
2000 Großer Preis der Sparkassen-Stiftung für junge Kunst Nürnberg
1994 erster Preis im Designwettbewerb Dall opera in München
weitere künstler
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